Who We Are

We are legal professionals qualified and admitted to practice law in the United States and Canada, and through our affiliates in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and China.

Our Experience

We have helped numerous individual and corporate investors (including LLCs) in dealing with the removal of their restrictive legends, and have experience handling the process with various broker/dealers and transfer agents.

We also have experience in a variety of other corporate and securities transactions including stock exchange listings, private placements, continuous disclosure compliance, takeovers, and mergers & acquisitions. Please contact us for more details.

Our Services

We provide legal opinions to shareholders for the removal of restrictive legends on their share certificates for US, Canadian and other offshore issuers.

We offer other corporate and securities law services (including stock exchange listings) as well. Please see the previous section above labelled "Our Experience" for details.

Please contact us for assistance by calling us at +1.778.858.9036, emailing us at af@noxlaw.com, or messaging us through our messaging form found on our "Contact Us" page accessible at the top of this page. We look forward to assisting you.